Garden of Life Address and Contact Number

Garden of Life Contact Phone Number is : 866-465-0051

and Address is 5500 Village Boulevard. Suite 202, West Palm Beach Florida, 33407
Garden of Life came into existence to empower people with healthy life styles and advanced nutrition to attain extraordinary health. It is a way of life founded by Jordan Rubin America’s well known health expert. He is the Chief Executive OffICEr at Garden of Life – health and wellness Company. The Company produces with a mission to "Empower Extraoridnary health". He is a renowned speaker also owns 19 health related titles to his list and the author of the “Maker’s Diet” - the New York Times best-selling book. Garden of Life is highly committed to provide best nutritional products. The contact information like email address, telephone number, website and postal cum official address of Garden of Life is mentioned in below section.

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Address of Garden of Life

The address of Garden of Life is 5500 Village Boulevard. Suite 202, West Palm Beach Florida, 33407.

Contact Number of Garden of Life

The contact number of Garden of Life is 866-465-0051.

Email Address of Garden of Life

The email address of Garden of Life is

Website of Garden of Life

The Website of Garden of Life is

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Garden of Life Address Contact Number
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Mr. Seth fritschieAug 03, 2016
Hey there-
I have been a consistent patron of your raw protein (unsweetened) for about eight years. I discovered it's glory following my first jaw reconstruction surgery. It has saved my life, or health at least, in hard times of recovery while not being able to chew. and also is a miracle for me due to sugar and sweetener sensitivity. My comment is concerning the new" and improved" version that has recently hit the shelves at my health food store:
The flavor is disappointing to me. It is not horrible,, but I used to look forward to the great malty flavor of the recently changed version. It was delicious and a highlight of my days, especially since I cannot use any sugars or sweeteners. It was like having a malted milkshake

There's my two cents. I feel you probably had a reason for changing it,, but I miss it dearly already. Thanks- seth.
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